Accountability. Accuracy. Achievement. Adventurousness. Altruism. Ambition. Assertiveness. Balance. Belonging. Boldness. Calmness. Challenge. Cheerfulness. Commitment. Community. Compassion. Competitiveness. Consistency. Contentment. Contribution. Control. Cooperation. Correctness. Courtesy. Creativity. Curiosity. Decisiveness. Dependability. Determination. Devoutness. Diligence. Discipline. Discretion. Diversity. Dynamism. Economy. Effectiveness. Efficiency. Elegance. Empathy. Enjoyment. Enthusiasm. Equality. Excellence. Excitement. Expertise. Exploration. Expressiveness. Fairness. Faith. Fidelity. Fitness. Fluency. Focus. Freedom. Fun. Generosity. Goodness. Grace. Growth. Happiness. Hard work. Harmony. Health. Honesty. Honor. Humility. Independence. Ingenuity. Inquisitiveness. Insightfulness. Intelligence. Intuition. Joy. Justice. Leadership. Legacy. Love. Loyalty. Mastery. Merit. Obedience. Openness. Order. Originality. Perfection. Positivity. Practicality. Preparedness. Professionalism. Prudence. Quality. Reliability. Resourcefulness. Security. Selflessness. Sensitivity. Serenity. Service. Shrewdness. Simplicity. Soundness. Speed. Spontaneity. Stability. Strategic. Strength. Structure. Success. Support. Teamwork. Thankfulness. Thoroughness. Thoughtfulness. Timeless. Timeliness. Tolerance. Trustworthiness. Understanding. Uniqueness. Usefulness. Vision. 

We Are Storytellers.


Monday is a premier international management agency that represents photographers, film makers, illustrators, set designers, wardrobe stylists & makeup artists in New York, Paris, London and most recently, Los Angeles. Founded in 1985, Angela De Bona created an agency capable of managing established and well-known artists as well as nurturing and developing new emerging talent. Monday focuses on cultivating its artists work as well as building and supporting career-long relationships between artists and clients. Our artists benefit from unparalleled professionalism and contacts within high fashion, luxury, entertainment, commercial and advertising clientele. We believe that team work and relationships are primordial for success, and thus, have built a family like bond and atmosphere with our artists, clients and within ourselves.  

Monday offers a full-service production, post production, casting and location scouting, as well as creative direction for fashion editorial and advertising campaigns/assignments to longer-term contractual projects, with the help of its partners. There is nothing Monday cannot do for you. Quality and quantity is what we thrive for, on top of excellence. Whatever your heart desires, whatever you dream of, we can create. No matter how impossible it seems or how crazy it sounds. We will push boundaries for you and go the extra mile. We will work hard to make your vision a reality. And together, we can accomplish anything.

Throughout time, our clientele around the world is proof of our purposeful expertise and of our unconditional care.



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