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    ADB Agency is excited to introduce Photographers, Directors & Visual Artists Cesar Love Alexandre, @CesarLovesAlexandre on instagram. 
    French couple Isabelle Chaput & Nelson Tiberghien, AKA Cesar Love Alexandre — have a singular goal: to spread joy through imagery. The NYC-based photographers shoot editorials and films with the storytelling and style of a New Wave director, but their irresistible on-screen presence has made them as compelling in front of a camera as they are behind one. Their alias 'Young Emperors' serves as an outlet to showcase inventive performance, creative filmmaking, and their signature matching outfits, earning them a global audience on Instagram and TikTok while showcasing the truest side of themselves: clever, irreverent, and utterly delightful.
    We're thrilled to share their work with you and look forward to marvelous new creative projects. 

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