• Eartheater PHOTO S-1.jpg

    Shxpir Huang · Greatest Magazine

    Shxpir captures multihyphenate, Eartheater wearing Mugler SS22 for Greatest Magazine issue No.6.

  • sean-venus-v4.jpg

    Shxpir Huang · Madame Figaro China

    -No.26 · SEAN O'PRY-
    Shxpir's Perception Series continues with No.26 featuring model Sean O'Prey for Madame Figaro China.

  • Fake Art · Coach

    Claim a Coach X Shxpir NFT. Digital creator Shxpir collaborates with American luxury fashion house Coach to create one thousand nine hundred forty-one (1941) editions of a 3D design featuring the remixed 1986 Madison Satchel - an arch
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  • Fake Art · Phakie Launch

    Shxpir enters web3 with his latest creation, Phakie! The fake art superhero! Born in the Metaverse on June 22nd 2022, Phakie is everything the art world needs right now.

  • Shxpir Huang · Rivet

    New fits, sustainable ingredients and futuristic designs for a virtual world. Shxpir Huang creates a Y2K inspired digital cover for Rivet Magazine's Spring 2022 issue featuring a digitized Alex Elizabeth Ljadov.
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  • Shxpir Huang · Perception Series

    -No.17 YAZMINE-
    Zoetropic Illusion. Shxpir’s Perception Series No.017 features Musician & Model Yazmine Rosario.

    Music by: Yazmine Rosario, Styling
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  • Shxpir Huang · Perception Series

    -No.19 AIRIK-
    Fake Art Theatre. Shxpir’s Perception Series continues with No.19 ‘Airik’ featuring model Airik Henderson.

    Created by: Shxpir, 3
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  • 20210916_Perception_03-01396656 copy.jpg

    Shxpir Huang · Perception Series

    -NO.7 ANNA- 
    "Pay Me In Exposure" Lady of the lake, Anna Theroux Ling emerges as No.7 in Shxpir's Perception Series. 

  • Shxpir Huang · Perception Series

    Money can’t buy happiness BTC can. Continue the journey into Shxpir's Perception Series with No.011 featuring the gorgeous Natalie Renelle in BTC hell.

  • IMG_1835.jpg

    Shxpir Huang · NFT on Opensea

    Creator Shxpir steps into the relm of NFT's by creating his own exclusive Non Fungable Tokens featuring work from his 'Fake Art Series'.

    Now available at 
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  • Shxpir Huang · Perception Series

    Make Fake Art. Lorena Duran joins as No.009 Shxpir's fantastical Perception series. 

  • Shxpir Huang · CYBR MAGAZINE

    -EARTH 2070- 
    Digitized Duality. Shxpir Huang's digitally created alter ego of brazillian model Isabelle Boemeke, 'Isodope', graces the cover of CYBR Magazine's 8th issue entitled "EARTH 2070: Dys(u)topia". 

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  • Shxpir Huang · Perception Series

    -NO.6 MADISON- 
    Pixie'lation. "Pay Me In Exposure" Model Madison Stubbington becomes No.6 in Shxpir's Perception Series. 

  • young emperors floral set0000 copy.jpg

    Shxpir Huang · Young Emperors

    Garden of digital delights. Shxpir uploads the Young Emperors onto the grid and into a Victorian Fantasy. 
    Makeup: Kento Utsubo, Hair: Ryuta Sayama, 3D Scan: NYCAP3D

  • Shxpir Huang · Perception Series No.5

    The digital Adonis. Shxpir adds model Graveraet Eberley to his Perception Series as No5 · Grey 

  • WYT_EUR2021_UK_OK_PUB_LR-1.jpg

    Shxpir Huang · Watch Your Time

    Shxpir Huang creates new digitized worlds highlighting this years new timepieces for Watch Your Time Magazine. 

  • Shxpir Huang · Perception Series

    Perception Series No2. For the second installment of Shxpir's Perception Series, the stunning Daiane Sodré is uploaded into a digital cotton candy riverscape. 

  • Shxpir Huang · Perception Series

    Perception Series No1. Shxpir uploads the sensational Alina Baikova into a digital tropical fantasy for his new Perception Series. 

  • Shxpir Huang · Adobe

    Every year in May, the US recognizes Asian, Pacific American Heritage Month. This year Adobe acknowledges the termendous impact Asian & Pacific Islanders (API) have on global business, Politics, Science, and Culture. In t
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  • 30790002-copy.jpg

    Shxpir Huang · Grazia China

    Into Your World!!! Futuristic fashions for the foreseeable future, lensed by Shxpir for Grazia China's latest story. 

  • Shxpir Huang · ELLE Singapore

    Bernadette Belle Ong (a.k.a. Miss Singapore) sent a strong message during the costume portion of the Miss Universe pagent, wearing a read & white caped outfit with "Stop Asian Hate" printed in a brushed font
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  • WhatsApp Image 2021-06-22 at 16.14.32.jpeg

    Shxpir Huang · CR Fashion Book China

    Shxpir lenses the third cover issue of CR Fashion book China featuring multi-hyphenate moguls, Alessandra Ambrósio & Maye Musk. 

    Art Direction: Elliott Foote, Fashion Editor: Gaultier Desandr
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  • BottegaVenetta_V1.jpg

    Shxpir Huang · Grazia China

    Enter the fantastic fashion dreamscape created by Shxpir for Grazia China.

  • A1_3282_07 copy.jpg

    Shxpir Huang · Grazia China

    Glaringly Gucci? Maybe Mugler? Simply Celine? Shixpir Huang lenses beauties Olivia Anakwe & Yuhee Yang for Grazia China's May 2021 issue with 

    Styling by Brian Muller & Hailey Roberts, Hair by Car
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  • 2113_10ct copy.jpg

    Shxpir Huang · Grazia China

    Fashions new season bursts into bloom. Shxpir lenses floral fantasies Trinity & MOna Matsuoka for Grazia China's March 2021 issue. 

  • 20201214_graziachina_shxpir07676656_3d2 copy.jpg

    Shxpir Huang · Grazia China

    Honoring ancient wisdoms with contemporary vision. Shxpir lenses the guardians of the seasonal transit, beauties Minji & Steffie Baik for Grazia China's February 2021 issue. 

  • IMG_5124 2.JPG

    Shxpir Huang · Harper's Bazaar Men's China

    -DANIEL WU- 
    Shxpir captures 'Caught In Time' Actor Daniel Wu near his home at Stinston Beach, California for Harper's Bazaar Men's China. 

  • grazia-theaccident1 copy 2.jpg

    Shxpir Huang · Grazia China

    Make Contact. Aliens have landed and Shxpir Huang lenses the Accident for Grazia China. 

  • IMG_4300 copy.jpg

    Shxpir Huang · Grazia China

    Ignore the limits! Shxpir lenses cover star Martha Hunt for Grazia China. Shot in Shanghai & New York via remote connection, Martha shares her intimate story; living with scoliosis, and the meaning b
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  • S007_008 拷贝 DigitalCover.jpg

    Shxpir Huang · Schon

    Shxpir captures 'Never Have I Ever' star Darren Barnet for Schon Issue 39 cover story.

  • Shxpir · Private Policy

    New work for Private Policy's New York 2021 NYFW online show, directed by Shxpir & Jared Ryder.

  • Robotic-olympic-1 copy.JPG

    Shxpir Huang · Grazia China

    What's next for the future of fashion. New editoral by Shxpir for Grazia China's September 2020 featuring models Dien Kim & Minny Warren. 

  • IMG_9283.gif

    Shxpir Huang · Harper's Bazaar Men China

    International superstars MALUMA lands not one but two out of this world covers for Harper’s Bazaar China September 2020, lensed by photographer & visual-artist Shxpir. 

  • retro-layout-1 copy.jpg



    We are excited to announce ADB's representation of Photographer and Director Shxpir (pronounced Shakespeare). 
    Dazed & Confused called him one of the “mouthiest photographers in China”, and this sta
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