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    Davis Bates is a photographer who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Best known for his analog photography, Davis brings a unique touch to every project and has a love for portraiture and the use of color. He has shot celebrities like Emma Chamberlain, Cole Sprouse & Sydney Sweeney & has been featured in publications like Billboard, Wonderland, GayTimes and Notion magazine. Davis enjoys shooting as much as possible and always finding a way to be creative.

     - JIARAS MIKAELA & WINDHAM BURKE - Vogue Beauty - Vogue Beauty - Vogue Beauty - Vogue Beauty - Vogue Beauty - Allie Marie Evans  - NOTION  MAGAZINE - NOTION MAGAZINE - Emma Chamberlain  - Emma Chamberlain  - Emma Chamberlain  - Derek Chadwick - Cole Sprouse  - Emma Chamberlain  - Maude Apatow  - RALEIGH  MENDEZ - Derek Chadwick - Drumaq -  - CHAVIS ST.HILL - MAVERICK MCONNEL & CHRISTIAN HOGUE - M Jewelry  - BRICKS MAGAZINE - TOMMY DORFMAN - Maddy Crum  - WONDERLAND MAGZINE - Niko Maduras  -

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