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    Andrea Calvetti is a director and cinematographer who was raised in Italy and later moved to the United States graduating with a degree in cinematography at Columbia College in Chicago. Since graduation, Andrea has been living in Los Angeles, California working as a director, cinematographer and still photographer with a main focus on fashion commercials. 

    His influences trace back almost entirely to the late fifties, sixties and seventies, which are what he believes the most eccentric, extravagant, colorful, stylistically sophisticated decades. 

    The intention behind his campaigns is to bring the viewer on a nostalgic journey that unifies the past with the present in a bizarre yet enthusiastic hodgepodge. His vision of the future is that of a curated, stylized world, touched by today’s values and yesterday’s art and craft. 

    His strong love for shooting on film has helped him to develop a style unique enough to convince clients to allow him to work primarily on film both for his directing, cinematography and still projects. 

    Join us in welcoming Andrea to Monday and follow on instagram ( @Straydogfilm & @MondayArtists ) to see more of his work.


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